I really hate it when your friend of ten years just decides to up and ruin your relationship with your fiance. Guess she ran out of other things to ruin.

Ehhhhr Merhhhgerddd

In FOUR days my ass is on a plane to see my fiance.  JUST FOUR MEASILY DAYS.  Take that deployment.  I just owned your ass!  Now bring on my sexy man!!!

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I hate

Those nights where everything that has EVER happened to you is replayed in your mind.  Like seriously.  From my ex boyfriend of 3 years to my fiance, to where my life is heading.  All these thoughts.  Just coming down on me. I hate this.  It gets me confused and upset.  Angry.  Just a complete mixture of emotions.  One moment I’m pineing over my ex.  The next I just want my fiance here.  In my arms.  Such a frustrating feeling.  I don’t even know where I’m going with this.  Just a random vent I guess. 



One of those nights.  I really miss him.  I wish I could just call him up right now and hear his voice.  Damn this deployment.  Give me my fiance back already :(