Ehhhhr Merhhhgerddd

In FOUR days my ass is on a plane to see my fiance.  JUST FOUR MEASILY DAYS.  Take that deployment.  I just owned your ass!  Now bring on my sexy man!!!

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I hate

Those nights where everything that has EVER happened to you is replayed in your mind.  Like seriously.  From my ex boyfriend of 3 years to my fiance, to where my life is heading.  All these thoughts.  Just coming down on me. I hate this.  It gets me confused and upset.  Angry.  Just a complete mixture of emotions.  One moment I’m pineing over my ex.  The next I just want my fiance here.  In my arms.  Such a frustrating feeling.  I don’t even know where I’m going with this.  Just a random vent I guess. 



One of those nights.  I really miss him.  I wish I could just call him up right now and hear his voice.  Damn this deployment.  Give me my fiance back already :(